Sunday, October 30, 2005

Harman/Kardon Drive + Play

Ars Technica review the Harmon/Kardon Drive+Play and rate it highly. If you're left wanting by the performance of the current crop of FM transmitters in your car then it looks like a fantastic device.

It's not cheap at US$200 but then it's pretty sophisticated (has a display and custom control knob).

Harman/Kardon Drive + Play

Automated TiVo to iPod formating

Slashdot discusses the recent revision to AutoPilot that allows Tivo users to convert their recorded show to a format that plays nice on the 5G iPods.

Since many people reading this are Aussies unable to harness that Tivo goodness, you may also find the link to the Videora iPod Converter software, found in one of the Slashdot comments, useful.

I haven't used it yet but Videora looks kick-ass!

PCMag likes the Belkin TuneStage…Engadget ain't so sure

It appears that some people like the Belkin TuneStage, some people don't. It's a bluetooth streaming device that allows you to use your iPod remotely. The functionality seems like a winner (though sound quality, like the FM transmitters, is compromised) but the asking price (US$150!) is unreasonably high.

PCMag likes the Belkin TuneStage…we’re not so sure

I wouldn't buy one.

Is Apple creating a monopoly with iPods and iTunes?

Aussie radio station JJJ, during a Hack segment, recently asked if "Is Apple creating a monopoly with iPods and iTunes?". I lean on the "Yes" side of the fence - but given they have very little serious competition it's a tight argument...

For those that aren't aware, Hack has been available in podcast form for a looong time now. Subscribe immediately! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

uSport iPod shuffle headband

Please, dear God, don't let any of my friends buy one of these "cool" iPod Shuffle headbands.

uSport iPod shuffle headband: let the geek beatings begin

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sonnet Says To Hell With Low-Capacity Batteries

If you're looking for a new battery for your iPod - or just want to extend the battery life - these replacement batteries will be just the thing.

"78% better than the originals" is what's being bantered about.

Getting Power from your Nano

If you want to slurp out just a little bit of juice from your iPod Nano this detailed article from Hack A Day shows just the way to do it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

iPods Used for Medical Images

Some clever fellow has figured out a way to use iPods to aid in the medical field.

Bravo - what an innovative idea.

iPods Used for Medical Images

Limited-time offer: Apple to replace 5G iPods for (almost) any reason

Any bugger lucky enough to own a 5G iPod should sleep well at night knowing that Apple will replace them for almost any reason. For now.

Limited-time offer: Apple to replace 5G iPods for (almost) any reason

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Video podcasts from

Ol' stalwart The Washington Post is going to make selected videos available for download.

Maybe old-skool media does get it after all?

Video podcasts from

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fill your iPod with Yahoo! Video Search

Slurp video from Yahoo! to your iPod.

Fill your iPod with Yahoo! Video Search...

PodLocker promises security, delivers torn pants

This product will attach your iPod securely to your pants. Unfortunately it just means thieves are likely to tear the hell outta your pants when they take your beloved iPod.

Zoom Systems plans expansion of iPod vending machine network

Remember when we talked about vending machines popping out iPods? Well, it gets worse.

Apple Remote and Universal Dock reviewed

The combination of the new Universal Dock and Apple Remote means that you can control your iPod remotely. Here's a review of how well it works:

Apple Remote and Universal Dock reviewed

Kenpo’s iPod controlling jacket

Control your iPod from your Jacket. Eat your heart out Jackie Chan!

Kenpo’s iPod controlling jacket

Prices start at US$275.

A Stand Worth A Million Pods

It's flashy and nice. A stand I'd be proud of. :)

A Stand Worth A Million Pods

Apple finally opens the iTunes Music Store in Australia

Turn out that this time the rumours were true! iTunes is finally online in Australia.

Bleeding Edge: Australia gets its iTunes Music Store

Razor: iTunes Music Store - open for business

Slashdot: iTunes Australia Goes Live

Engadget: Apple launches iTunes Music Store Australia

Geeky Info: iTunes music store

Geeky Info: iTMS review

Sony also want a piece of the action.

Cam says G'Day World #7 in Aussie iTunes but I'm sure that'll go up.

Well, it's great that it's open and all but will I use it? Nope. Too expensive and significantly lower quality than CD's. However, if you're happy with the quality and buy singles rather than albums (seriously is anyone in this category?!) it may be a good option.

Monday, October 24, 2005


If you're a God-fearing iPod Shuffle owner then the iBelieve is the lanyard for you!

[Thanks Josh for the link]

5G iPod review roundup

If you're umming and ahhing about buying one of the shiny new iPod's maybe this Engadget posting will help. It contains links to many (ok, I was being lazy - 12) reviews.

iPod with video review roundup

iPodSoft - a source of useful iPod software

If you're looking to extend your iPod software then a good place to start is at iPodSoft.

There's software to copy songs from your iPod to your hard drive, sync up your Outlook with the iPod contacts, download album art to iTunes and lots more. A lot of the software isn't free but is very reasonably priced - $10-15 is the norm. If you've bought an iPod and can't fork out for that then you're a schmoo.

Thanks to Shobz for the link. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Griffin iTrip For iPod Nano

If you've got a Nano and want an FM transmitter look no further than this baby. It's by Griffin, integrates beautifully with the Nano and looks freakin' awesome.

Griffin iTrip For iPod Nano

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Apple to announce iTunes Australia music store next week?

OK, finally, maybe, iTunes will be released in Australia.

I'll keep you posted.

Apple to announce iTunes Australia music store next week?

Also discussed on Slashdot.

Smash my iPod

It seems those folks at SmashMyIpod got their money and smashed a 'pod.

They could've just given it to me. ;)

Smash my iPod

Suicide Girls Head For The New iPod

If you're into the Suicide Girls (don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!) then you're going to want to pony up for a 5G iPod...

Suicide Girls Head For The New iPod

Slip N' Slide With WATERWEAR For The Shuffle

The second (the first was the Otterbox) waterproof shuffle case that I've seen.

Slip N' Slide With WATERWEAR For The Shuffle

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A review of the Video iPod

I don't always publish reviews but Ars Technica always does a good job.

Video iPod

It got 8/10 incidentally.

Video iPod Screen Test

How good are the new iPods screen's? Surprisingly good.

Video iPod Screen Test

Another Apple Announcement

Not strictly iPod news. Apple has updated the PowerBook and G5 lineups. The PowerBooks update is overdue and a little underwhelming but the Quad CPU G5 is one sizzling hot mumma of a computer.

They've also announced a new pro photography application, Aperture, that looks pretty impressive.

Live Bloggin' the Apple Announcement

The new higher-res 15 and 17-inch PowerBooks

The Power Mac G5 Quad

Live coverage of Apple’s address at PhotoPlus Expo 2005

Apple Unveils New Pro Products

Apple Aperture for Pro Photographers

Getting Videos Into Your 5G iPod For Free

Another ripping guide...

Getting Videos Into Your 5G iPod For Free

How-To: Automatically download and convert TV for your iPod

Very useful guide to getting content onto your newly-purchased video-capable iPod.

Did I mention I want one of these devices?

How-To: Automatically download and convert TV for your iPod

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Unpacking the iPod (with video)

I must be a glutten for punishment. I just can't get enough of these "check out the new iPod!" postings.

Unpacking the iPod (with video)

Griffin Releases Dock Connector Accessories

Popular iPod accessory manufacturer, Griffin, release three of their exisitng models to connect via the dock.

Griffin Releases Dock Connector Accessories

I've wanted to buy a new iTrip (with the dial) on it for awhile but I don't think I'd get this dock version - how would I charge my iPod while I play?

User iPod Video Photos

Some photos of the new iPods. Yeah. I really want one.

User iPod Video Photos

Monday, October 17, 2005

Griffin Makes Yet Another iFM

If you need your FM transmitter in black ("Any colour, as long as you want black") Griffin has you covered.

Griffin Makes Yet Another iFM

Numark’s iDJ iPod mixer reviewed

If you've harboured any secret desires to be a DJ maybe now's the time to come out. The Numark iDJ is a pretty funky looking device that can mix input from two iPods - designed for use at the most demanding dance gigs.

Numark’s iDJ iPod mixer reviewed

Personally I think it would look a little silly. Old skool turntables are where it's at in this market! :)

O’Neill’s H2 Fat Controller iPod glove

Control your iPod with a glove. Intended for use while skiing but hey! If the glove fits...

O’Neill’s H2 Fat Controller iPod glove

Motorola V3X/VX3 sports iTunes

Looks like Motorola are on the cusp of releasing another mobile phone that supports iTunes.

I like that word. Cusp. :)

Motorola V3X/VX3 sports iTunes

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Apple’s new patents hint networked iPod

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that a WIFI-enable iPod would be wicked-cool! So many applications spring to mind...a remote for iTunes, iPod controlled media centre, WIFI-synced don't have to think too hard to come up with some killer applications.

If Om is right it may happen.

Apple’s new patents hint networked iPod

Video to iPod

There's a bunch of posts explaining how to convert video (from DVD or AVi or whatever) into a format that the new iPod's can display. Here's a couple of useful links:

HOW TO - video to iPod bonanza!
HOW-TO: Convert a DVD for your iPod (with video) in Windows

Build an iTunes Remote with the new Palm TX

An enterprising fella wanted a remote for his iTunes on his Mac. So he built one out of a Palm TX and used VNC to mirror his desktop display.

Build an iTunes Remote with the new Palm TX

It is a minor disappointment that the new iPods don't have the new remote (or the new iMac) built-in. That would be pretty sweet.

New Belkin iPod Accessories

A couple of new iPod-specific FM transmitters, from Belkin.

New Belkin iPod Accessories

Friday, October 14, 2005

New iPods record in stereo!

The new iPods record in stereo. It's about bloody time! Not that I need that feature but it's just ridiculous that it wasn't there in the first place.

New iPods record in stereo!

[Update: A couple more related links]

New Video iPod is Stereo Friendly
Music Thing: now the iPod records audio (properly)

The Clicker: Apple’s real plan for iPod video?

Trying to decipher Apple's business plans is always fun! Engadget consider a viewpoint about Apple's strategy with video on the new iPods.

The Clicker: Apple’s real plan for iPod video?

Madonnano, Whereforth Art Thou?

Gizmodo believe that a Madonna-branded iPod will be announced soon. I know I'm holding my breath. ;)

Madonnano, Whereforth Art Thou?

More Apple Stuff-Ipod Nano Speaker Dock

Small, nifty looking dock 'n' speakers for the iPod Nano.

More Apple Stuff-Ipod Nano Speaker Dock

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Apple wants 10% of iPod accessory revenue

It seems that Apple weren't happy with the 1-2% they used to make on iPod accessories. Now they want 10%. I say "greedy".

Apple wants 10% of iPod accessory revenue

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One more thing…

Hooley dooley, it's a big news day for Apple. Where to start? OK, for starters, I was wrong in my predictions. No 80Gig iPod (I still think there's time before Christmas though!). However, they announced just about everything else that was rumoured - and then some.

Let's start with the best: A new iPod lineup. Let me rephrase that. A new iPod lineup that does video. Same width and height but thinner. 30 and 60 Gig capacities (they're freaking thinner than the current 20Gig iPod!). Coming in old skool white as well as modern chic black. Better battery life (20 hours), slightly larger display (2.5 inches) and, the killer feature for me, they have TV out.

I want one.

Apple has also upgraded iTunes, now at v6.0, so that it can handle video casting. You can purchase music videos, Pixar short films and - brace yourselves - TV shows. Desperate Housewives, Lost and Night Stalker are among the shows announced for purchase (in other words ABC/Disney is onboard). OK, I'm not a big TV fan (certainly not of those shows) but this is revolutionary stuff. Not so much from the technology point of view but somehow StevieJ has gotten the ball rolling with the TV executives. As a bonus, iTunes now has a gift feature.

But wait, there's more!

Not so improtant to me, or relevant (at least to this site), there's a new iMac. It's slightly smaller with a videocam built-in (not to mention the flash!). They've also announced some software called FrontRow - it provides a clean, very slick, UI to navigate all of your media (music, photos, DVD's and videos) and a remote control to, err, remotely control everything. It looks like a sweet alternative to Microsoft's Media Centre.

Yep, it was a big-ass announcements day from Apple.

Here's what the rest of the world had to say:


Live from the Steve Jobs Keynote — “One more thing…”
Apple releases iTunes 6.0
Switched On: When you wish upon iPod
The iPod (with video)
The new iPod in black
Apple’s Front Row and Apple Remote


“One More Thing” Live and Uncensored
The Better to See You With - The New iPod Hands On
New iMac G5 - Mackin’ Media Center (??)
FrontRow and the iMac Remote
Poll: Watcha Gonna Do With Yer New iPod?
Apple Theatrical Debut in Pictures

MAKE: Blog

Video iPod
HOW TO - Creating Video for iPod
iTunes 6.0 and videocasts / videoblogs?


Apple announces video iPod, limited TV downloads


iPod Video Coming to a Car Near You

How to make a robot statue from an iPod box

I'm sure that eBay will have an influx of people wanting to sell their iPod boxes... ;)

HOW TO make a robot statue from an iPod box...

iWood nano

[Getting through the couple of items in the backlog before I get to the real news...]

So if you want a stylish wooden case for your iPod Nano here's the ticket:

iWood nano

Not a particularly inventive name though!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

7-Eleven to vend iPods in Japan?

So, while you're in the store to pick up a sweet, sweet slushy you turn around to the nearby vending machine, drop in your credit card, and boom! Buy yourself an iPod!

A silly idea if you ask me, but even sillier when you learn that 7-Eleven aren't going to keep the iPods on hand (much to the chagrin of snatch 'n' grab criminals). No, you'll have to wait for a couple of days.

Am I completely missing the point or has the world gone mad?

7-Eleven to vend iPods in Japan?

[Update: Although I misread the articles - vending machines for distribution were not discussed - I'm still wearing my "What the?" face.]

Monday, October 10, 2005

iFill Your Pocket Up With NPR

Griffin have announced another nifty little iPod accessory - the iFill. It can record radio stations and put them directly on your iPod.

iFill Your Pocket Up With NPR

[Also be aware that NPR also deliver some of their broadcast content as podcasts.]

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Beautifulest iPod Speaker Of Them All

Possibly the ugliest iPod speakers ever. Ever.

The Beautifulest iPod Speaker Of Them All

iPod Mini accessories discounted

With the release of the Nano it appears that iPod Mini accessories will come down in price.

iPod mini accessories discounted

Via Geeky Info

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The iDuo

The iDuo is a new iPod accessory that has both the classic iPod dock connector and the new iPod Nano dock connecter. Further, they've also bundled in a multi-card reader to the base of this "double dock". Nice!

Real Men of Genius: The iDuo

XBox 360 & iPod working in harmony

An iPod mini was connected to an XBox 360 at a recent Microsoft demo. Seems that any USB storage device will be able to easily connect to the XBox.

XBox 360 & iPod - 2geths 4evs?

AirLogic AH10 Wireless Headphones

If you're in the market for wireless headphones (I don't like 'em myself) then this AirLogic unit looks pretty nice.

AirLogic AH10 Wireless Headphones

iKitty for iPod

A whacky iPod case - if you're a cat fan.

iKitty for iPod - Gizmodo

Apple rumour mill in overdrive

Apple have announced a press conference for next week. Naturally the rumour mill has stepped up a gear and everyone is throwing out predictions.

"It's time for the iPod Video!" is a common theme. Maybe. Hopefully! :) I reckon it's certainly possible that an 80 Gig iPod is in the wings...but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

It's always exciting thinking about the possibilities though! :)

Apple Insider: Apple planning launch of video iPod

ArsTechnica: Apple has One More Thing planned for next week

Scoble: Apple to bring out video iPod next week?

Engadget: Oh, one more thing… another Apple event on the 12th

Engadget: Video iPod from Apple next week?

Engadget: Is this the video iPod?

Gizmodo: Big Apple Meeting on October 12 - What Could It Be?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

200GB iPod nano!

Now here's the iPod Nano for Jiggy. With a bit of tech know-how - and a rubber band - you too can modify a Nano so it has 200 GB of storage!

200GB iPod nano! Zomg!

The battery life does take a bit of a beating though. It drops from 14 hours to six minutes. :)

diy ipod nano case

Here's a template so you can make your very own iPod Nano case!

sneakmove: diy ipod nano case with urban camo option

Sunday, October 02, 2005

New iPods and high-end Macs this month?

Engadget have heard rumours that Apple are about to overhaul their iPod and high-end Mac lineup very soon.

Jiggy will cry if an 80Gig unit comes out! ;) (He just purchased a 60Gig pod.)

Griffin Smartdeck - Actually Useful

If you've still got a tape player around (you really should upgrade!) and want to pump your iPod music through the system then the Griffin Smartdeck is the way to go.

It even converts the pause/fast forward/rewind buttons on your tape player to the relevant iPod commands. Sweet!