Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Using that wonderful iPod Linux you can now have an encyclopedia in your iPod.

iPod Powered Safety Light

If you need another way to happily drain your iPod's battery then this safety light may be the ticket. Useless really.

DVD to iPod video

Use free software to convert DVD's to the iPod video format. Don't tell anyone we told you about this. ;)

Half Life on the iPod Nano

You can play Half Life on the iPod Nano - amazing! You'll need to run iPod Linux but there's clear instructions if you follow the link.


If you're an aspiring DJ but can't be jacked learning how to use vinyl then this iPod mix box may be the device for you!

Apple's big announcements (New Mac Mini, iPod HiFi, Leather case)

So Apple had their big announcements today...nothing really that extraordinary unfortunately, although the Mac Mini's are getting pretty desirable!

Basically there are three product announcements here:
  1. Mini's have been updated to use the new Intel chipsets
  2. A semi-portable HiFi system was released
  3. A leather iPod case was revealed
A bit ho-hum really. No way I'd buy an Apple HiFi system (WTF? Give me a Denon or some other reliable-brand surround sound system puh-lease) or the leather case though the Mini is looking more attractive all the time. If they'd only add DVR capabilities to it I'd buy in an instant.

Anyway, as always Gizmodo and Engadget covered the news very well.

iPod Hi-Fi Stereo
New Mac Mini
Live-Blogging: The Apple "fun" Announcement (via Valleywag)

Apple Intel Mac mini hands on
Apple iPod Hi-Fi hands-on
Apple intros $99 leather iPod case
iPod Hi-Fi brings music to the masses
Apple's Intel Mac minis: Core Duo at 1.67 GHz, Core Solo at 1.5 GHz
Live from the Steve Jobs Keynote -- "Fun new products"

Monday, February 27, 2006

The 10 Strangest iPod Accessories Out There

What's the whackiest accessory you have? Is it as strange as any on the Top 10 strangest list?

iPod BoomBox (?)

Another "maybe, could happen" post; ThinkSecret reckon Apple are going to announce a new BoomBox at the press release tomorrow. I'll try to keep you posted!

Pink Tie Nano case (?)

This US$85 pink tie has a built-in Nano pocket in the back so you can listen to you favourite songs and still look chic.

The TuneFlex for Nano

Griffin is now shipping the TuneFlex, a US$40 dock and charger that you can use in the car. Notably it has a flexible steel arm that allows you to place your Nano at a suitable location. All you then need is some way to get your tunes to play through your car stereo (I like my iTrip!).

uLink Backward Compatibility Adapter for nano

You can now reuse all of your existing iPod accessories on the Nano with this adaptor. It replicates the headphone jack and the little silver plug that the older models had (and the older accessories relied on). At only US$17 it seems pretty well-priced to me!

Zicplay iPod Remote

An awesome remote allows you to control your iPod from distance, while it's happily connected to your stereo. Further, there's a little display on the remote that mirrors the iPods display. Neat.

Apple Touchscreen Patent Documentation

We can only hope that Apple is going to release a video iPod with a touchscreen and if this patent is any indicator (it probably isn't) then such a device may see the light of day. Or maybe not.

Friday, February 10, 2006

HOW TO - iPod mount in Element

Detailed instructions on how to integrate a dock into a Honda Element.

Apple still at work on true video iPod? - Engadget

More rumours! Could Apple be working on an iPod with a larger screen (3.5") that is touch sensitive? Apparently the click wheel will appear on the screen when you touch it...

Engadget: Apple still at work on true video iPod?

Gizmodo: New iPod: 3.5-inch Touchscreen?

iPods with Bluetooth and WiFi On the Way?

Word is that iPods with Bluetooth and Wifi are coming.

Gizmodo: iPods with Bluetooth and WiFi On the Way?

Engadget: Portal Player adds WiFi and Bluetooth, spurring new round of iPod rumors

A Bed To Dock Your iPod

Om Malik writes about a New Zealand company that is building beds that have iPod docks built-in. Nice.

Carbon Fiber iPod Case

I've all but stopped publishing posts about iPod cases but I couldn't pass one up that was made from carbon fibre!

Songbird is released

Songbird, the long-awaited open source application destined to become an iTunes killer has been released. Many (many!) options and basic features don't yet properly work but this puppy is worth watching.

I'm not yet ready to give up on ml_ipod but there's a lot of innovative features planned in Songbird - I'm looking forward to seeing them realised.

Boing Boing had an interview with Rob Lord, the team leader and Gizmodo also covered the news.

(Thanks Jeremy for the link - I was already aware of Songbird but it was nice to hear from you!)

1GB nano for $150

Apple have quietly released a 1GB Nano for $150. At that price it's a pretty good option for a significant other who's only mildly interested in music...

Elecom's Ball-Shaped Speaker for iPod

Japanese company Elecom have released 2 inch portable speakers that would be a nice match for your iPod. Available in black or white.

iPod Car Charger and Transmitter That Won't Make Your Crown Vic Look Uncool

If you've got a cool new black iPod and use it in your car regularly you should check out one of these black car chargers. Covered in black leather they look funky and they have an inbuilt FM transmitter to boot.

iPod Seeing Red?

Rumour has it that red iPods will be coming out soon.

Scooterworks' Vespa Stereo System with iPod dock

Whack an iPod dock and speakers into your Vespa!

PS: Your iPod Doesn't Know From Romance

Romantic Valentine's day attire for your iPod? WTF!?