Tuesday, November 29, 2005


A fancy looking alarm clock that integrates with an iPod Shuffle.

iPod Bed Is Shagadelic

The coolest bed in the world has an iPod dock.

Munsters sez 1 Terabyte iPods?

Gene Munster says 1 Terabyte iPods will be here in five years. Who am I to disagree?

Evergreen GH-SP-125W adds speaker to iPod shuffle

A mini speaker to add to your iPod Shuffle.

iPod Bar Japan: Great Service But The Cocktails Need Work

If you happen to be in Japan and need help with your iPod the iPod Bar is a new Apple service centre that will help.

Just don't try and order drinks.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Getting the Video out of Your New iPod--for Cheap!

MacDevCenter discusses how you don't need a special cable to get video out of your iPod. Instructions on where to buy (eBay!) and how to play video through it onto your TV.

Via Make: Blog.

DIY iPod breakout dock...

Make your own iPod dock interface. If you're curious about the pin layout this guy will be able to help you!

Retractable iPod Grappling Hook

A useful iPod accessory: a retractable USB to dock cable.

iPod Mittens - If You Knit

If you're a knitter then these plans for a mitten to hold your iPod will be of interest.

HOW TO - Hacking the iTrip LCD

Here's an article on how to extend the range of your iTrip (the new one with the LCD).

HOW TO - Secure Backup and Storage Using an iPod

If you're like me you probably worry about the data on your iPod. Make: Blog linked to an article on how to back up your precious songs. Invest the time and do it today!

Unfortunately the article provides a Mac only solution.

Amstrad iPod Shuffle tape drive

Some enterprising fellow used an iPod to help run old-skool Amstrad software

Sunday, November 20, 2005

iWay : Use your iPod Photo or Nano as a Yahoo! Maps directions viewer!

iWay is a cool new service to store specific maps on your (colour screen only) iPod. Before you set out on your journey just provide your start and destination location and iWay will download the relevant images from Yahoo...very clever!

via Scoble.

Will laser etching Apple gear void the warranty?

One consumer says no and has successfully paved the way for you to hold your ground too.

New shuffles in January, too?

We may be getting some new Shuffles in January. Or maybe not. Who knows?

The rumour suggests we may see a smaller form factor in different colours.

I'll be in the area during MacWorld but I can't justify the US$215 (cheapest tix!) to attend...anyone want to sponsor me? :)

Sonic Impact i-Fusion i-Accessory

The dock/speakers/battery mobile unit from Sonic Impact looks pretty cool. If you need a dock/speakers/battery for you iPod. Costs a pretty penny though - US$150.

Hopelessly Devoted - iPod Shrine Contest

Build a shrine - win an iPod!

Gizmodo are offering a 30Gig iPod to the person with the coolest iPod shrine. I think it's for US residents only though. :(

Beanbag Dock For Your iPod

Another dock! This one is a beanbag - a beanbag for your iPod.

Not So Picture Perfect

If you think your iPod is worth framing then the iCove is for you! It's a dock, with a frame. When you place your iPod in the dock it is surrounded by the frame.

Useless? Yes.

But I'm sure there's someone out there who wants one!

Guba offers iPod videos

"Guba is an automated Internet service that makes it easy to search for and view content posted to Usenet." Now they're providing iPod video transcoding for every video they've ever stored from the Usenet.

You should be able to find heaps of freely available video content using this service! They claim there's "25,000 files or more".

Via Om.

iPod nano now does video too

Freakin' awesome. The iPodLinux folks have co-erced the Nano to play video. Currently will only play uncompressed 24 bit avi's at the iPod's native resolution.

Zen iPod Docks

Zen iPod Docks. Yep, another dock. But this one looks like a stone!

An interview with Paul Griffin, CEO/founder of Griffin Technology

Engadget have an interview with Paul Griffin, CEO/founder of Griffin Technology. All iPod fans will know about - and likely love - Griffin's work in the iPod accessory market.

The iPod Influence

Om Malik talks about how the "iPod Effect", a term he's coined, is influencing other manufacturing companies. Basically Apple have taught the rest of the market that industrial design matters and sells.

iBone: The Poor Man's Bluetooth iPod Hack - Gizmodo

I can no longer see any links in Firefox so I guess I'm overdue to dump a whole heap of iPod news...

The iBone is a hack some genius created to allow you to use a bluetooth headset with a phone and an iPod.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Gotta case o’ the old iPod thumb, do ya?

In the litigious society of the US it's worrying that - apparently - many people have been getting sore thumbs from overuse of an iPod. You gotta be kidding.

iPod Killers for Christmas 2005

A whole bunch of competitors to Apple's iPod range.

I don't think it's good for anyone if Apple totally dominate the market. However, I don't see a lot there that's particularly attractive (ok, maybe the Archos units); Apple are just firing on all cylinders lately.

Rejected iPod Engravings

Some damn funny rejected iPod Engravings.

Via Om Malik.

Add Menu Icons the iPod

A very cool firmware hack to add icons to the iPod menus.

nano Now Shipping with a Case

The iPod Nano's now come with a crappy case.

Definitely introduced due to the legal pressure as people have complained that the Nano is too easy to scratch.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

iDoom now available on iPod nano

Kick some alient butt on your Nano!

iDoom now available on iPod nano

Shobz, I need to see this. Make it happen. ;)

iLoad - Rip CD's to your iPod. No PC required.

If you're out and about and really, really, really need to rip a CD what are you to? Use the iLoad, that's what.

Gizmodo: iLoad - Load Your iPod Without PC

Engadget: iLoad will rip CDs for direct-to-iPod transfer

It's vapourware at the moment but we'll see how it pans out.

PIC based iPod remote control

If you've ever wanted to build a remote control for your iPod, Hack A Day show you how.

The iCel battery pack

That's right, iCel have 50, 96 and 200 hour batteries for your iPod. 200 hours!

The iCel battery pack runs your iPod for up to 200 hours


If you've got a video capable iPod (you lucky devils!) then Podtropolis will appeal.

It's a BitTorrent tracker than is dedicated to indexing iPod compatible videos (and some music). Download all your favourite movies and TV shows! It's only started recently but already has a signicant number of downloads available.

Not sure of the legalities...

BTW utorrent is my BitTorrent client of choice. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

HOW TO - Protect your LCD (iPod, digital camera, etc..)

Use cheap clear tape to protect your display on your iPods etc...

Monday, November 07, 2005

iLounge Holiday Buyers' Guide 2005-2006

The iLounge Holiday Buyers Guide is an annual must-download for iPod owners. It features every important iPod accessory. Quit reading this and click on the link! :)

Thanks Josh!

Macally mTUNE-N with iPod nano dock

If you've got a Nano and want to wear it above one of your ears then the mTUNE-N will rock your world.

Macally mTUNE-N with iPod nano dock

Don't do it people, it looks ridiculous!

How-To: Get TV shows off of Windows MCE and onto your iPod (with video)

Engadget show you home to get video outta your Media Centre and onto your iPod.

How-To: Get TV shows off of Windows MCE and onto your iPod (with video)

The "iTunes Speaker Thingy"

What do you get when you cross some speakers, an Airport Express, iTunes and a Palm TX? Some sort of weird streaming media hub.

The "iTunes Speaker Thingy"

iPod your Subaru Outback

If you own an iPod and a Subaru Outback and you want the two to live together in harmony you'd better read this:

iPod your Subaru Outback

First 5G iPod Matt has seen "in the flesh"

Well, today was a bit special. Jiggy recently received his 60Gig 5G iPod and let me have a brief play with it. It's über sweet! Congrats Jiggy - I can't wait until you get some video on it so we can watch some porn check out that screen.

BTW Jiggy has a lot of music and is a real discerning listener. Check out his blog and his other site that lists - and rates - all of his 864 CD's. He's just transferred all of that to his new iPod and there's a scant 4 Gig left...

Five reasons why the 4G iPod is better -- for audio

CNet (please don't read them if you want technical content) argue that the 4G iPod is better than the 5G iPod if you don't need the video features.

Five reasons why the 4G iPod is better -- for audio

Actually don't bother reading that article - their points are weak. Buy a 5G and love it.

Behold! The Tower Of iPod!

Some large phallic speakers designed for your iPod!

Behold! The Tower Of iPod!

Belkin'sNew TuneFM and TuneBase FM

Belkin have announced a couple of new FM transmitters they'll be releasing next year. Neat feature; they use the iPod's display to show the frequency.

Belkin'sNew TuneFM and TuneBase FM

iPod Video VR: Nerdiness Maximus

Whew, I've been away for a week and there's a lot to catch up on...

Let's start with these virtual reality glasses for the Video iPod. Phil Torrone (God of all hackery) has the lowdown on how to hook up any VR glasses you have lying around to your favourite new iPod.

Introducing...the iPod VR!