Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apple's big announcements (New Mac Mini, iPod HiFi, Leather case)

So Apple had their big announcements today...nothing really that extraordinary unfortunately, although the Mac Mini's are getting pretty desirable!

Basically there are three product announcements here:
  1. Mini's have been updated to use the new Intel chipsets
  2. A semi-portable HiFi system was released
  3. A leather iPod case was revealed
A bit ho-hum really. No way I'd buy an Apple HiFi system (WTF? Give me a Denon or some other reliable-brand surround sound system puh-lease) or the leather case though the Mini is looking more attractive all the time. If they'd only add DVR capabilities to it I'd buy in an instant.

Anyway, as always Gizmodo and Engadget covered the news very well.

iPod Hi-Fi Stereo
New Mac Mini
Live-Blogging: The Apple "fun" Announcement (via Valleywag)

Apple Intel Mac mini hands on
Apple iPod Hi-Fi hands-on
Apple intros $99 leather iPod case
iPod Hi-Fi brings music to the masses
Apple's Intel Mac minis: Core Duo at 1.67 GHz, Core Solo at 1.5 GHz
Live from the Steve Jobs Keynote -- "Fun new products"


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