Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One more thing…

Hooley dooley, it's a big news day for Apple. Where to start? OK, for starters, I was wrong in my predictions. No 80Gig iPod (I still think there's time before Christmas though!). However, they announced just about everything else that was rumoured - and then some.

Let's start with the best: A new iPod lineup. Let me rephrase that. A new iPod lineup that does video. Same width and height but thinner. 30 and 60 Gig capacities (they're freaking thinner than the current 20Gig iPod!). Coming in old skool white as well as modern chic black. Better battery life (20 hours), slightly larger display (2.5 inches) and, the killer feature for me, they have TV out.

I want one.

Apple has also upgraded iTunes, now at v6.0, so that it can handle video casting. You can purchase music videos, Pixar short films and - brace yourselves - TV shows. Desperate Housewives, Lost and Night Stalker are among the shows announced for purchase (in other words ABC/Disney is onboard). OK, I'm not a big TV fan (certainly not of those shows) but this is revolutionary stuff. Not so much from the technology point of view but somehow StevieJ has gotten the ball rolling with the TV executives. As a bonus, iTunes now has a gift feature.

But wait, there's more!

Not so improtant to me, or relevant (at least to this site), there's a new iMac. It's slightly smaller with a videocam built-in (not to mention the flash!). They've also announced some software called FrontRow - it provides a clean, very slick, UI to navigate all of your media (music, photos, DVD's and videos) and a remote control to, err, remotely control everything. It looks like a sweet alternative to Microsoft's Media Centre.

Yep, it was a big-ass announcements day from Apple.

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At 4:49 PM, Blogger Jiggy said...

Guess whose iPod order has been upgraded to a 'video iPod' order :-)

It's interesting to note that Apple aren't referring to the new iPod as a 'video iPod'. It is being referred to as an 'iPod with video capabilities'. Big difference from a marketing point of view. They are adding video features to the existing iPod product line, but they don't want to market it as a video product because it doesn't really compete very well with a lot of the other portable video products in the market (Sony PSP) due to the small screen size.

But having said that, I'm sure they will eventually release a proper video iPod down the line, with a nice widescreen PSP-style display.

But when the real video iPod is released, does it deserve to be called an iPod?

At what point is an iPod not an iPod?

If a tree falls down in the middle of a forest and nobody is around to hear it, can you hear one hand clapping?


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