Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Apple finally opens the iTunes Music Store in Australia

Turn out that this time the rumours were true! iTunes is finally online in Australia.

Bleeding Edge: Australia gets its iTunes Music Store

Razor: iTunes Music Store - open for business

Slashdot: iTunes Australia Goes Live

Engadget: Apple launches iTunes Music Store Australia

Geeky Info: iTunes music store

Geeky Info: iTMS review

Sony also want a piece of the action.

Cam says G'Day World #7 in Aussie iTunes but I'm sure that'll go up.

Well, it's great that it's open and all but will I use it? Nope. Too expensive and significantly lower quality than CD's. However, if you're happy with the quality and buy singles rather than albums (seriously is anyone in this category?!) it may be a good option.


At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They better add more than the standard 1 million songs real quick. I can't buy may favourite singles and albums. Seems the record companies are content with offering pedestrian singles and albums just to test the investment. Fark this, why don't you step aside and accept that people don't buy music on tactile media anymore and that iTunes is how most of us will continue to shop for our music. Just put up more artists for us to select from, and stop farking around.


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