Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gizmodo & Engadget news

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year folks! I've been away over the holiday period and the links have been building up. So I've decided to bundle up all the accumulated goodness into a couple of posts. Here's a linkfest for Engadget and Gizmodo from the past couple of weeks...

iPod nano Video Video
iTunes Goes Open Source (Sort Of)
Latest iTrip Supports Everything, Could Even Be Used as Leg of Small Table
An Innovative iPod Accessory? OMG! (iJet)
iMeat: Heartburn for iPod Fans
iKitty: The Litterbox for Your nano
H20 Audio: Waterproofing the nano
Ditch Those CDs for an iPod
Bass In Your Face: iWoofer
$4,000 Tube Speakers for Your iPod
Pyp Bomb Amplifier For iPod Or Guitar

The iJet Two-Way wireless iPod remote helps screen the Springsteen
iPod battery settlement sorted
How-to: Make an iPod dock for your Xbox 360 (part I)
How-to: Make an iPod dock for your Xbox 360 (part II)

(Sorry about the lack of commentary but there was just too much!)


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